Hi my name is AJ and I play Tabla and Dholak for Bollywood Beats. I have been playing tabla/dholak for a number of years both classical and semi classical and bhangra. I have played in a number of bands including Geet the Mega Band, Silinder Pardesi, Boota Pardesi, Saqi and for famous folk singers such Kuldip Manak, Ustad Jamla Jat and many more. At most enjoy playing with B.B because of their array of different types of music. They not only do the Raas Garba but also semi classical such as new and old Bollywood songs and nice up tempo Hindi Punjabi songs. I would like to thank the B.B lads for giving me an opportunity to perform in their band (they are a great bunch of lads) and also I would like to thank my Ustad Ramesh Singh Bassi for teaching me everything I know about music. If it wasn't for him I would not be in this industry THANK YOU.