As well as being a previous keyboard player for Bollywood Beats between 1996-1997, my DJ career kicked of back in 1995.

I love and play various types of music, 70's, 80's, garage, RnB, but my main passion is with Asian music, Bhangra & especially Bollywood music and Garba. The Bollywood industry is very fast growing and you just need to be on top of it when you DJ with the latest tracks and with more and more people requesting Bollywood tracks, DJing just gets more exciting!

I've played at pubs, restaurants and various private parties and because of my passion with Bollywood music & Garba I've been very popular with the Gujarati community as I know what they want! and I'm proud to say that all of my gigs have been through recommendation.

After 12 years of DJing I am delighted to be back with Bollywood Beats as a their DJ.