I had the interest to learn the drums at the age of about 12 when I watched a guy play at school. An opportunity arose at the age of 13 where I began to take lessons at school. Eventually I joined the school band where we played reggae and some rock. When I was 14 I was introduced to Geet Sangeet by Ramesh, a family friend who plays the keyboard.

Although I have listened to hindi music all my life, this was my first attempt to perform this style. I was a very weak player, but with a lot of help from the band, I began to follow the rhythm and style of the music.

My main influence to drumming comes from Dave Weckl, a well known drummer, who plays in various styles, some of my favourites being Jazz and soul.

I have always played an acoustic kit, which I prefer as I feel the electronic kit just doesn't give the sound and feel as it should. I currently own a five piece fusion Yamaha stage custom drum kit, with a number of Sabian and Paiste cymbals.

I enjoy every gig we go to, as each and everyone is different with new stories to tell every time. All being a great experience.

I take my hat off to AJ, who joined us recently. As a percussionist and his knowledge an experience of various styles of rhythms, he is continuously helping me improve the way I perform.