In the beginning ...

Geet Sangeet was formed in June 1989 by three aspiring youths with an interest for Indian music. These young musicians were Manoj, Nilesh and Anand. They used to practice at an old house in Sparkhill and performed for local communities at various festivities, functions and occasions.


As the demand for live Bollywood music grew, Geet Sangeet needed to expand and recruit new talent into the band. A further four musicians were sourced and became a part of the reformed band now named Sangeen Kala. The three new musicians were: Mukesh (lead vocalist), Ashok (dholak and congas), Mannu (lead guitarist) and Vikram (drummer).


Sangeen Kala was flourishing and became well established amongst the local communities. Shows were coming in frequently, and the group was performing nationwide. Rehearsals took place in Nilesh's garage, which was tough during winter months. However the desire to improve was ever increasing and the band continued to progress. We saw the departure of Vikram and arrival of Harry (new drummer).


Manoj went to university and therefore had to leave the band. Nilesh however held the forte on the keyboards.


Nilesh left for university. The group continued with session keyboard players.


Manoj was back from uni and was given the opportunity to re-join the band, which he accepted. Sangeen Kala was given another makeover, with a considerable cash injection for new PA equipment and musical instruments. The result was Bollywood Beats.


AJ joined the band as a session dholak player. Nisha joined as a session female vocalist.

2004 - 2005

Bollywood-Beats became nationally known and started performing internationally too. The band has been to Canada on three occasions. The group had completed their debut album and was released in September of 2004.


Mukesh sadly departed Bollywood-Beats on June 2006. He found paradise in Canada and decided to settle there.

But before he left the band he made sure we had a replacement singer, Raj. Who now regularly performs and rehearses with the band.

The band is now geared up with more up to date PA gear (also available for hire). and musical instruments. This has enabled Bollywood-Beats to venture into Bollywood-Beat DJ Roadshow. So we are now not only able to offer live band but also live DJ.

2007 - Present

Performing more and more gigs. International gigs coming in more frequently.

Our most recent development has been the introduction of Bollywood-Beats DJ Roadshow offering you the best of live music and DJ complilations.

Bollywood Beats are now Bollywood Beats Live Band and DJ Roadshow.